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Wasteland 2 - McComb äussert sich zur Ruf-Mechanik
« am: 04. Februar 2013, 00:59:10 Uhr »
Der Autor Colin McComb hat sich auf seinem Formspring-Profil zur Ruf-Mechanik von Wasteland 2 geäussert:
Hi Colin. I can't believe nobody has asked this before (maybe they have?) Will Wasteland 2 have a factional or regional reputation system? I think many people have assumed that it will but I don't recall seeing it actually confirmed.

In general, we'll be handling reputation on a location by location basis. If you're an enemy to the Red Scorpion Militia, they'll remember this and deal with you appropriately. Your actions in other parts of the wasteland will find echoes in specific locations, but we're not going to track capital-R reputation as such. People will deal with you on an individual basis, though your actions will certainly precede you.

Keep in mind that widespread communication is sketchy in Wasteland 2, so people in distant locales won't necessarily know about some of your activities anyway.

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