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Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road, Ulysses Holotape #3
« am: 19. September 2011, 18:23:06 Uhr »
Das dritte Holotape von Ulysses aus Lonesome Road wurde im Bethblog veröffentlich. DLC Project Director Chris Avellone dazu im Bethblog:

The past can be difficult to escape from. If you’ve played Honest Hearts, not only will you have heard hints of Ulysses’ presence, you will have seen the results of what he’s done in the past that helped shape the White Legs, from their armaments to their rituals. The knowledge your Courier can find in the Divide can help put the tragedies of the past in a larger perspective.

History follows strange roads, and it can follow you no matter how far you walk. This is the third of several holotapes your Courier can discover in Lonesome Road, and helps shed more light on New Canaan, the White Legs, and Graham.

The rest of the holotapes? They are for your Courier to find in the Divide. Perhaps the history within them holds the key to the future.

Lonesome Road erscheint in Europa am 21. September.

Ulysses Holotape #3
Blogpost im Bethblog
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