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MCA im Choice&Consequence Interview
« am: 14. Mai 2011, 22:02:26 Uhr »
Vince D. Weller von Iron Tower (Age of Decadence) hat Chris Avellone mit Fragen bezüglich Choice&Consequence und reaktiver Spielwelt gelöchert. Herausgekommen ist ein sehr interessantes Stück Text, Marke Lesenswert. Ausschnitte:

4. You've talked before about creating a good story with reactivity. Care to elaborate?
You can pull a character through a story by having events unfold around them, or you can make it clear that events are happening because of what the player did - and *specifically* what the player did. Part of the fun of a world and a story is how your presence is causing changes in it, seeing those changes play out, and being made aware exactly how you caused those changes. Being an agent of change, the spark lighting the fuse, or the butterfly wings that spark the hurricane on the other side of the world is pretty gratifying. It's much different than the player being passively subjected to a changing story they are having no effect on - or if it's obvious the events that are changing have nothing to do with their actions.

This is probably putting me out of a job, but it's what I believe and what I've noticed from both computer game GM'ing and pen-and-paper gamemastering: Special casing reactivity I've found is generally a waste of time compared to giving the player a series of game mechanics and encounters and see what happens. This is an example I've used before, but as a narrative designer, I can't compete a player's story about how their dwarf fighter with 3 hit points exploited a crack in the canyon terrain and the limited range of motion of orcish axes to lure 20 orcs to their death one by one. Simple, but that's a legend being made right there. Once you add reputation systems, faction systems, and more, and the range of player-made stories increases without narrative designers having to do much work at all.

5. Speaking of reactivity... Consequences should have some effect on gameplay, but at the same time a developer can't always alter gameplay significantly to make choices more meaningful. What's reasonable to expect, in your opinion? Any ideas on how to make choices and consequences make noticeable difference and effect within the boundaries of a story you want to tell?
Again, weave it into a game mechanic. Even two dialogue choices that lead to the same result aren't meaningless if one makes you more Chaotic and one makes you more Lawful, which we used in Torment. In some cases, the NPCs would never know if you were lying - but you would, and it would matter to your character's alignment that you're willing to deceive everyone around you. Same thing with Reputation, Influence, Faction Reputation, Town Reputation... all of these can be an easy method of creating and tracking overall consequences in an area.

Den kompletten Text findet ihr im Iron Tower Forum.

Interview im Iron Tower Forum
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Re: MCA im Choice&Consequence Interview
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Mai 2011, 22:15:12 Uhr »
Danke, ich wollte es im allgemeinen RPG thread verlinken, aber du warst wieder mal schneller. :>
Und jo, jeder der sich ein wenig fuer die Hintergruende in den Studios interessiert oder selber sich mit Spielen beschaeftigt, sollte sich das Subforum dort mal ansehen. Vince hat da echt Unmengen an guten Zeug platziert.