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Vor ca. 11 Monaten hat eine gewisse Sandra Reed auf Reddit gepostet, sie wäre von Bethesda gefeuert worden. Aus Rache hat sie interne Informationen gepostet. Bisher wurde alles als Getrolle und Fake abgetan, aber mit der Veröffentlichung des Trailers sieht die Sache doch ein wenig anders aus.... oder vielleicht isses trotzdem nur Getrolle, wer weiß. Sind auf jeden Fall ein paar interessante Details drin, die durchaus zutreffen könnten.


--- Zitat ---Before you all say: "TROLL!" "LIAR!", etc, you can all can your mouths and ask one of the Bethesda Employees about Me (my username is my name) and they will confirm I worked for Bethesda. I am strictly posting this in "Revenge" for them firing me.

Anyways, I worked at Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland up until last month before I was fired for releasing confidential information (but it was an accident!) and so here I am, sitting unemployed with my 2 kids thanks to those fools. So, I wanted to say: I worked on, and played, Fallout 4. Yes, I did.

I want to confirm that the recent leaks about Fallout 4 are true. In Fallout 4, you are in Boston, and it takes place in the year 2287, exactly 10 years after Fallout 3. In Fallout 4, mixing things up, we are making the game more "Story Based" and the player character will finally talk, and narrate his storyline.

At the beginning of the game, you create your character (You can only be a male in the main story), and afterward, you start the game with a blast. After the blast, you awake to see the building you are standing inside blown apart and your wife, Lydia, dead. Robots and Androids are storming the place, killing and kidnapping the people inside. You, known as "The Officer", must escape and get revenge.

LOCATION: Fallout 4 is set in and around Boston and the surrounding countryside.

The downtown area is entirely controlled by "The Institute", a group of techies and scholars, as well as researchers, who devote their lives to technology. The countryside area is a "Wasteland" with small towns and settlements, as well as vaults here and there. Logan International Airport is taken over by the Brotherhood of steel, who are there trying to control the technology, and are currently waging a war against the institute, as they both have disagreements as to who should be in control of the technology in the area.

Meanwhile, Vault 79, located outside of Boston, is under the control by "The Railroad", a group of people dedicated to helping Androids escape the institute.

The map of Fallout 4 is about 3 times the size of Skyrim. The reason for this is to make a much more realistic and interactive world, that players can always find new things, even if they have played it for years after release.


    The Railroad returns from Fallout 3, where you only had a small glimpse of it during the "Replicated man" quest. In this game, they are a full faction and are much larger.

    The Brotherhood Of Steel returns and control Logan Airport. This BOS is not the same as seen in Fallout 3. Instead, a similar BOS to the ones seen in the classic Fallout games as well as Fallout New Vegas make an appearance, only caring about technology, and will obtain it by force if they have to.

    The Institute returns from Fallout 3, and is headed by a man named Thomas Littleton. They are the primary antagonists of the game, and control most of Boston Downtown. Their patrols in Downtown Boston are the counterpart in this game to the Super Mutants in Downtown DC in Fallout 3.

    Talon Company also returns, but in a much smaller force. They base operations outside of a bunker located in Downtown Boston.

    Raiders return too.


    Super Mutants return, in the same form as the ones from Fallout 3, keeping in line with the "East Coast" mutants.

    Feral Ghouls return as well.

    Vicious Dogs return.

    Feral Cats are new, and exclusively located in one of the vaults.

    Spore Carriers return from Fallout New Vegas, and are located in sewers.


    Madison Li returns from Fallout 3. 10 years prior to Fallout 4, she left D.C after the Loss of James and having thought she lost the lone wanderer as well. Having had enough, she left to Boston, as it is home to one of the biggest Scientific facilities. Madison will once again be voiced by Jennifer Massey.

    Three Dog returns as well, although he is only heard on the radio, and not seen in person. People believe the radio is not actually live, and that it is simply a looped recording. (Based on the fact that you CAN kill him in Fallout 3.) He is voiced by Erik Todd Dellums.

    Bryan Wilks returns from Fallout 3. Yes, the little boy you saved from Grayditch. He is now 19 years old and is a mercenary, working with Talon Company. He bases his reason as to working with them on "Once someone saved me, and I wanted to be just like them!" He is voiced by Jerry Jewell.

    Other Fallout 3 characters return as well, but only through save transfer (Detailed below).


Fallout 4 will be available for a wide range of platforms after launch. The first version that will be released is being developed for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This version uses a brand new engine built from the ground up to take advantage of the power of next gen systems. Absolutely everything is new, and no assets or scrips are being used from Fallout 3/NV or Skyrim.

Fallout 4 will also be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This version is also being developed by Bethesda Game Studios, but will release a year after the advanced version. This version runs on the Creation Engine, the same engine that powered Skyrim. This is being done so that PS3/360 users can play the game without problem. Everything will be the same in this version as the advanced version, except for the graphics, gameplay and some additional features.

Also, Fallout 4 on PS3 and Xbox 360, last I knew, was around 20GB+. This means that it will most definitely require install. Also, players of the PS3/360 version will be pleased to know that Fallout 4 will be able to import your Fallout 3 save, and adapt choices you made from that game for Fallout 4. This means that some additional characters could pop up, depending on if you killed them or not in Fallout 3. Also, some story references from Fallout 3 will be mentioned. Did the BOS save the capitol wasteland? Or did it fall? Did Sarah turn on the purifier and die? Or did the lone wanderer do it? It might get mentioned depending on your choices!

DEVELOPERS: Fallout 4 is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the same developer behind Fallout 3.


Fallout 4 plays similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. You can play in Third Person or First Person, or on the PC version, a new "Classic Mode" that will put the game into birds eye view and play similar to the classic Fallout Games. (Although by my experience, it actually looked and played more like the PS2/Xbox Fallout: Brotherhood of steel.)

Unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, you can only play as a man. This is due to the storyline requiring it. However, after the main story is over, you can have a gender change. BGS did not rule out Females for possible standalone DLC, however.

Additionally, full support for Trophies/Achievements are present on all console versions, and full steamworks support is present for the PC version.

PROGRESS: By my estimate, Fallout 4's PS4/XboxOne/PC version is about 40% complete, while the PS3/Xbox360 version is about 15% complete. Both versions are being developed by BGS.

RELEASE DATE: BGS has a "Roadmap" already planned out for Fallout 4 and a spinoff. I already was informed about it from the studio when I worked there, and I read it. Basically, the roadmap is this:

    June 2015 - Fallout 4 reveal at E3, trailer only
    July 2015 - First gameplay trailers
    August 2015 - More information
    October 2015 - PS4/Xbox One/PC release
    November 2015 - First DLC
    December 2015 - Second DLC, as well as PS3/360 version release
    January 2016 - Third DLC
    March 2016 - Forth DLC
    April 2016 - Fifth and Final DLC
    June 2016 - Fallout Spinoff revealed, in development by Behaviour Interactive.
    October 2016 - Fallout Spinoff released for PS4/Xbox One/PC

As I said, ask about me, but don't ask about this. If you do, it will 100% be denied. Bethesda will not comment on rumors.

PS. I leaked some of the first Fallout 4 info by accident, and it ended up in the hands of Kotaku. Oops.

--- Ende Zitat ---

Ich fasse die Gerüchte mal Stichpunktartig zusammen:

- Fallout 4 spielt im Jahr 2287, also genau 10 Jahre nach Fallout 3 in Boston und Umgebung
- eher "Story-Based" als Fallout 3
- der Spielercharakter hat eine Stimme und wird die Storyline kommentieren
- man wird keinen weiblichen Charakter erstellen, aber nach Ende der Hauptstory das Geschlecht ändern können (lul?)
- das Spiel startet mit einem "blast" (vermutlich ist die Atomexplosion im Trailer gemeint), danach wacht der Spieler neben seiner toten Frau in einem Gebäude auf, das kurz danach von Robotern und Androiden gestürmt wird, die die Leute darin töten oder entführen
- der Spieler, bekannt als "Der Offizier" (traditionell eingedeutscht von mir, Tyler™), muss entkommen und nach Rache streben

- Downtown Boston wird vom "Institut" kontrolliert, einer Gruppe aus Technikern, Wissenschaftlern und Forschern
- Logan International Airport ist Heimat der Brotherhood of Steel, die einen Krieg gegen das Institut führt, um die Technologien unter ihre Kontrolle zu bringen
- das Ödland um Boston beheimatet wieder kleinere Städte, Siedlungen und Vaults
- Vault 79 ist Heimat der bereits aus Fallout 3 bekannten Fraktion namens "Railroad", die Androiden aus dem Institut befreit
- das Ödland in Fallout 4 soll mehr als dreimal so groß sein wie die Provinz Skyrim in TES V
- die Talon Company wird wieder auftauchen

- Supermutanten werden wieder auftauchen
- ebenso wie Wilde Ghule
- "Feral Cats" werden exklusiv in einer Vault auftauchen ("feral cats" bezeichnet im Englischen verwilderte Hauskatzen, bzw. deren nicht sozialisierte Nachkommen)
- die Sporenträger aus Fallout: New Vegas tauchen in Fallout 4 in der Kanalisation auf

- Madison Li wird wieder auftauchen (keine Ahnung wer das ist)
- Three Dog kehrt zurück (oh, yea...fighting the good fight und so... ::))
- Bryan Wilks aus Grayditch in Fallout 3 kehrt als Talon-Söldner zurück

Fallout 4 soll nach Aussage von Sandra Reed ein Jahr nach den Versionen für XONE, PS4 und PC auch für PS3 und 360 erscheinen

Vor allem der Punkt bzgl. der Version für PS3 und 360 klingt bescheuert und ich bezweifle das ernsthaft.

Release date angeblich geleaked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3PdkRkXNQ8 soll der 23.10.15 sein - könnte sich der Retailer aber auch ausgedacht haben um Vorbestellungen zu pushen oder so.

tortured Tomato:
Danke.  Vieles klingt sinnvoll bzw. plausibel. Ein bisschen was hat sich ja  schon bestätigt.
Dass alles nur glücklich geraten wäre, wär für meinen Geschmack ein wenig viel Zufall.
Allerdings weiß man nicht, ob nach dem Rauswurf der Dame noch Änderungen vorgenommen wurden und in welchem Umfang.
Kann zum Bsp. sein, dass eine last-gen-Version geplant war und später fallen gelassen wurde. Werden wir sehen.

Auch ob die Engine wirklich grundauf neu ist, werden wir sehen. Plausibel klingt es ersteinmal, Bethesda braucht ne neue Engine für open world rpgs, allerdings obs stimmt?
Dafür ähnelt das bisher gezeigte ein wenig sehr der alten.

Ich hätte nichts gegen eine neue Engine und neue Modding Tools.
Bisher alles Spekulationen. Ich gebe zu, nicht ganz unspannend.


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