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Ich mache mal ein großes Copy&Paste von meinem Post auf NMA. Ich werde den Text ins Deutsche übersetzen, sobald ich in Stimmung dazu bin. :>

So, yeah. I thought it's about time to post some more details about my actual main-project, which gets right now the most of my fallout-modding-love.

Shattered Destiny 2 is the second chapter (out of most probably three) and the follow-up from my past Fallout 2 mod, "Shattered Destiny". Over the last 10 months, I didn't really worked on it because of FOnline: 2238. There was just not enough time to spend on both projects beside the rest of the stuff that is going on in mostly everyone's lifes (such as job for paying the bills, etc).

Anyway... like I already wrote above, I am spending most of my Fallout modding time now on SD2. With much more experience and a shitload of new and cool ideas and everything else, I started to rewrite the SD2 design documents, changed the whole story completely and added more complexity here and there. Right now, the design documents ONLY for story relevant stuff have a size of approx 50 DIN A4 pages, including the storyline, the details of each chapter of this story, NPCs, maps, quests for the locations and so on and so on. Still, there isn't everything written down yet and so it's still growing with time...

So much for the introducing. Let's go to the details.

Shattered Destiny 2 is set in the year 2176, 14 years after SD1, and will now feature 7 big locations plus various smaller ones (and not only 2 anymore). In size (sectors), the worldmap is now as big as Fallout 1 or 2. SD2 will be a story driven roleplaying game and no sandbox game. The focus is set on the main story and on the actions the player is doing while going further. While this, every players decision will have influence on the game world and how the NPCs reactions are towards the player. Good things will not always be good, bad things not always be bad and in the end... who knows what will be the outcome of this.

Since the main concept for the storyline is written down, I started to work on all maps and also started to recreate a lot of the already finished ones to make them a) looking better and b) fit with the new storyline. As soon as all maps are done in their main parts, I will start with writing the scripts and dialogues (working step-by-step. First the concept, then the maps, then the scripts,...).

As additional "features", we started working on other deeper mechanical changes of the game, like changing the players traits in the character creation screen.
Here as an example, I never really liked the "gifted" trait... which is a blatant lie, because I always used it and I am still using it. Everybody is using the gifted trait, because even though it gives a penality on every skill, the +7 SPECIAL attribut points weight a lot more. For Shattered Destiny 2, this trait has been deleted and replaced. The same goes for "Sex Appeal", which never really got much attention in my opinion.

In replacement for these two traits, there has been added the Van Buren traits "Red Scare" and "Feral Kid", with some edits:
[*]"Red Scare" gives the player now +1 additional perception point, but he also gets a penality on his total hit chance, because of his "shaky nerves".
[*]"Feral Kid" has influence on the throwing skill, the worldmap travel speed and additionally to this, a big influence on the dialogues[/list]

The following screenshots are out of the german version. It is planned to translate SD2 into english too, so don't worry.

The ingame screenshots are from the first bigger town, the player will most probably stumble accross. This location is called "Traderfalls" and is a part of the ruins of Phoenix / "New Phoenix". Also it is the biggest trading outpost in the area. Everything you can see on the images is still work in progress. No dialogues or scripts have been assigned yet.

Yeah, that's it for now. Nothing more to say, I think.

Neues kleines Bild, weil mir so danach ist.

Die Map zu erstellen war eine Qual... Die ganze Fläche der Map ausgenutzt, mit Meis. Nur Meis und wieder Meis. :>

Hochhäuser zu erstellen ist echt anstrengend...

du verücckter wie hast du das den hingekriegt :wtf

sag mir BITTTE BITTE , das man auch aufn zweiten Stock laufen kann^^

Nein, das geht natürlich nicht. Das zweite Stockwerk besteht einfach nur aus ewig vielen Dach-Tiles, die alle auch im Originalspiel (z. B. in Reno) so verwendet werden. Es ist nur saumäßig viel Arbeit, erstmal hinter das Platzierungssystem zu steigen. Dass Gebäude hat mich jetzt insgesamt ca. 3 Stunden Zeit und Arbeit gekostet.

/Edit: Zweites Stockwerk:


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