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Re: Mini-Story: Spritztour
« Antwort #20 am: 12. August 2009, 17:36:34 Uhr »
So hier is die Final-Version von Randy und mir:

Desert. Sand as far as the eye can see. The wind is blowing through your hair, a hot chick is sitting by your side and nothing else than freedom in front of the windscreen. Even the life on a wasted planet has sometimes its good times. The fact, that Cal is turning me on now with this versatile expression in her eyes and let her fingers dance upon my crotch, shows me, that she is thinking something equal at the moment. Ay yo, my name is Tobey by the way. Tobey Scott Monroe and this beautiful piece of sex appeal besides me is called Cal Johannson. A razor-sharp girl! She told me once, that she has Scandinavian ancestors, but fuck… wherever this Scandinavia – or however this place was called – should have been, now it is surely nothing more than a big, fat hole of radiation somewhere in the ground. But you know what?
I don’t care at all… and neither does she.
But to start at the beginning: everything began in this bar, with this strange name, “Jumpers Go”… No worries, I wouldn’t bother you with pulpy details. Let’s go a little further on and just say, that both of us were really randy about each other and … uhm … now we are here. Two ass-kicking go-getters on the hunt for some A-C-T-I-O-N. The hot-rod, which we’re using for the trip is my pride and joy! A fully functional Kaiser M71. Damn, rides are rare as pure water these days, but sometimes you gotta have some luck, con’t cha? I’ve got this jewel from my dad. He repaired and pimped it himself. With this rod you can score some pussy, man, I tell ya…! Uhm… Whatever… Where did I stop? Ah, yes, I…

“Hey, Tobey!” Words are breaking the red thread in Tobey’s inner monologue. The crazy but quite good looking Twen wrinkles his brow as he notices, that his new chick has stopped jerking off his meat. “What’s going on, babe? Why did you stop? I was about…” “In the rear mirror!” stops the slender blonde in the white tank top his budding flow of words and Tobey looks in the mirror.

Dust. All he could see was dust. A churned up cloud, almost near the horizon. “A little sandstorm?” guesses the young man with the brown, slight curly hair and shrugs his shoulders. “What about it?” Cal doesn’t even notice it all. “Is the machine gun in order?” she asks hasty. “Why?” “Does it work?” “Yeah, goddamit, but what the…” “Shut up and let her rip, ok? Full speed!” She stands up and climbs skillfully onto the bed of the robust Jeep, where a large-calibre Browning M2 is mounted. “Hey!” her lover protests “What’s the matter with you? How are you talking to me? Sit down, or…” “These are Wheelers, you dumbass! Now put your goddamn foot on the pedal!” Tobeys expression freezes for a moment. “Wheelers? HERE?” Without another word he drives with the pedal to the metal. The heavy vehicle plows through the rough terrain. It’s rattling and tugging on all parts, while Cal inserts a feeder of .50.ammunition with practiced movements into the heavy machine gun, and charges it loud and noisy. Harassed Tobey looks again and again in the mirror. The cloud gets nearer and nearer to them. “Faster!” Cal shouts at him. “We cannot go faster, goddamit!” he cries back to her in panic and glances over his shoulder, because it seems he doesn’t want to believe the reflection in the mirror. He can see his girlfriend standing at the machine gun. The shoulder-length hair is bathed in a red gleam by the evening sun and flutters in the raging headwind like a flickering flame. Then the Jeep crushes onto a rock and the car gets serious damage. Tobey is hardly managing wheel and looks forward. Cal almost falls from the loading area but regains the position. Only a few seconds later the machine gun begins to rattle on in a muffled sound, as the first bikes leave the formation and hunt their prey. But the first two of them are devastated in their saddles. Cal swings the barrel of the weapon from one side to another and covers the pursuers with a wide hail of bullets, keeping them in distance. Tobey looks in the rear mirror again and is able to see the first Wheelers falling down and a few followers while crushing into them. For a second the mixture of euphoria and adrenalin let his courage and his ego grow. “Woohoo! Fuck off, you suckers! You won’t get us!”
Then a bang – so loud, that everything else drowns out. Tobey flinches. He shortly glances over his shoulder, as he hears the machine gun hushing and sees Cal collapsing. Velocity and centrifugal force are knocking her down and she crushes onto the enclosing of the loading space, which protects her from leaving the car involuntarily. Her lovers eyes widen, the short lucky moment elapses. His head shoots forward. He gets everything out of the car, but he has no chance against the light motorbikes of his enemies. Quickly he’s flanked on both sides. Flashy painted helmets are laughing at him faceless, as he risks a look through the windows of the side door. The gangsters? sharing the one seat of their fast bike – the one in the front drives, the one behind him aims. Tobey looks in the dark barrel of a Magnum .44, but with bare teeth he is raging the wheel, pulls it risky to the left and sweeps both of the attackers from their bike. The car goes into a skid, falls almost head over heels, while the other man on the second machine starts to fire from the right side.

With great difficulty Tobey regains control of his vehicle, but with panic he notices a pickup heading fast for his car. Through a hole in the top of the car he can see the scope of a gun flashing and it becomes clear, what was hitting his girl and that the bikes are only a vanguard. Desperate he tries to hold the car steady on course and at the same time avoiding the attacks from the right side. After a swerve he stares into the mirror, when Cal unexpectedly struggles herself in the scene. One side dipped in dark red, she pulls herself on the feet with the help of the Browning and seconds later the machine gun rattles deadly again. With a another swing to the side Tobey forces the annoying second bike into defense for the moment, but behind the pickup there are more and more vehicles getting in sight…

„Wer die Vergangenheit kontrolliert, hat Macht über die Zukunft.
Wer Macht über die Zukunft hat, erobert die Vergangenheit.”

Zitat von: Tschätt
<Jazz> kenn nur den Dildo in den Duschen

Typisch für die Bayernhater ist eine unerklärbare Antipathie und ein Hass auf "die da oben" der bei einigen sicher schon an latenten Antisemitismus grenzt.

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Re: Mini-Story: Spritztour
« Antwort #21 am: 12. August 2009, 18:01:05 Uhr »
Danke, hab's eingebaut. :)
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